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What is the fee for a woman to attend?
Nothing. I invested in the first busload of women and simply ask women to "pay it forward" and  invest in the next bus of women , if they are able to.  The suggested donation  is $75 per person.  
What is the Sponsor a Seat Program?
You can give a seat for a woman to attend, or give a seat to honor someone living or deceased. On the Mothers Who Lost Children's Bus, several seats were underwritten to honor women (who did not attend) and their lost children.  I sent a personal Mother's Day Card to each woman to let her know about the bus and the person who honored  her.
Can I underwrite the entire bus?
Yes. Choose the cause or bus theme you are passionate about.   Perhaps you want to encourage moms with special needs children,  or women who have survived cancer, or women in transition. I am willing to explore possibilities and also consider ways to showcase your business or service.
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Hopelifters is a Limited Liability Corporation and donations are not tax deductible.

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