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What is the fee for a woman to attend?
Nothing. I invested in the first busload of women and ask women to "pay it forward" and invest in the next bus of women , if they are able to. The suggested donation is $75 per person.
What is the Sponsor a Seat Program?
You can give a seat for a woman to attend, or give a seat to honor someone living or deceased. If you choose to honor someone, we will display their name, jpg picture you provide and a short tribute from you about them on our memorial table. I will also send a personal Mother's Day Card to let the person know you sponsored a seat to honor him/her and/or their lost loved one. Contact kathe@hopelifters to receive the format/guidelines/deadline.
Can I underwrite the entire bus?
Yes. Perhaps you want to customize a bus trip as a day retreat for your group or leadership team or host a day away for moms with special needs children, women who have survived cancer, or women in transition. I am willing to explore possibilities and also consider ways to showcase your business or organization.
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Hopelifters Unlimited is a partner with CBWA, a 501c3 non-profit ministry and tax-deductible gifts are accepted.

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